Hi, I'm Erin. I'm a young stay-at-home mom to my two year-old son Co and three month-old daughter Georgia. I'm married to my best friend Dirk (a "big kid" whom I consider my "third child"). We're raising our family in the same small town that my husband and I grew up in. I'm a mom and wife, two things I never thought I'd be and I'm living in the one place I swore I'd never stay. Things haven't happened the way I planned.... thank God!

Embracing the stay-at-home mom role hasn't been easy for me. While I feel very lucky to be able to care for my children ALL DAY LONG, I also miss the adult interaction and validating paycheck of a life once lived. In an attempt to maintain an element of excitement in my life, as well as keep some of my sanity, I'm going to share some of my thoughts, feelings and ideas with you. From everyday outings to creative projects, I hope you can find some inspiration, if not humor to help fuel your fight against the inevitable stagnancy that can be motherhood.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Teedles 'n Cleeks is a term that was used in my house a lot growing up. I say it, my mom says it, her mom said it and her mom probably said it too. It's a family term that basically refers to odds and ends. We use it interchangeably with leftovers, accessories, scraps, trinkets and anything you would categorize as miscellaneous. Since this blog is a random collection of my thoughts and happenings, I thought it would make the perfect title.