Monday, March 1, 2010

Almond Blossom

This past weekend was Ripon's 48th Annual Almond Blossom Festival. The buds and blossoms were out and of course they were beautiful! I took these pictures in Escalon. The bees were really buzzing in this orchard.

With dark skies and breaks of sunshine, no one really knew if rain would be in the forecast for the much anticipated parade. Still everyone young and old carted their lawn chairs and loved ones and filled the sidewalks of downtown Ripon.

Along with family and friends, we watched the parade from the best seats in the house (the Lange's yard on the corner of 4th and Vera). Sweet Aina had donuts and coffee for everyone.

Aina meets Georgia.

Eating a donut with Daddy.

The sun surfaced and before we knew it Miss Almond Blossom had cruised by in her red corvette and the show was under way! Co and his friend Matix enjoyed the big trucks, trotting horses and of course the peppermint candies that rained down from them. There were baton twirlers, boy scouts, clowns and classic cars.

The parade was long and when the little ones lost interest they found plenty of things to do. Co and Matix ran across the yard and chased eachother around the trees. Then the boys discovered prickly balls and filled the birdbath with them one by one.

Georgia enjoyed the fresh air and exciting atmosphere. She didn't even mind the loud honks from the fire engines or menacing mariachi music! Georgia spent lots of time getting walked around by her Bobbi and fell asleep by the end of it all.

Co's favorite part of the parade was the car that blew bubbles out the back. He crawled under the fence and ran right out into the street in pursuit of the bubbles. Of course I yanked him back onto the sidewalk where he watched the bubble car until it drove out of sight.

Watching closely as the bubble car approaches.

Co and his concerned look as the bubble car drives away.

After the parade the street sweepers took center stage. The wind picked up and we decided to take cover at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I have great memories of venturing over to Grandma and Grandpa's house during Almond Blossom. Once, I won a goldfish at the carnival and I remember Grandpa informing me that "the damn thing will die by tomorrow." Grandma would have ginger snap cookies and orange slices waiting for us on the butcher block in the kitchen. And just like old times it was a wonderful day to spend together and I'm so glad our kids experienced the tradition of Almond Blossom.


  1. Love it all Erin! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm so excited that you made a blog! All the pictures are adorable, and I must admit, I'm quite envious of Co's luscious locks.