Thursday, March 18, 2010

Co's New Bed

I mentioned in an earlier post that we picked up a new bed for Co. Actually, we picked up Dirk's twin Tempur-pedic matress that he bought for his loft when he was in college. It was being safely stored by a friend but it was time to move it! After some fierce craigslisting, I found this great Pottery Barn bedframe. It has built in drawers so it's a bed and dresser in one . Co just likes that it is high up so he can jump off of it! We got a great deal on some new bedding at Kohl's. Of course, Co went crazy for this Toy Story set. He just loves Buzz Lightyear and Woody at moment.

I still have a few more projects on my to-do list for Co's room. We will be re-arranging a few things, hanging up some different art as well as some shelving. I've been busy with my "DIY Home Upgrades" and I will post a tour of our house soon!

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  1. Co is so much cooler than those losers with the Barney bedsheets (aka ME!)